We ask that all students are present and connected to learning in classrooms this year so that they may achieve at their highest levels. To that end, our school community expects the following of students with respect to their use of cell phones.

  • Cell phones will be allowed on campus in limited ways. They can be turned on and used before school, during passing-times, at lunchtime and after school in the commons and outside or by individual teacher permission for academic purposes.
  • Headphones may be required as part of the academic program such as state testing and Credit Retrieval classes, but otherwise, are under the same restrictions as cell-phones.
  • Headphones and cell-phones must be turned off during class time and put away.


Students who choose not to disconnect will be asked to leave their cell phone in the front office for the duration of the school day.


Terri Wattawa, Ed.D.


Mount Vernon High School

Mount Vernon School District No. 320