Candid Photos Needed

Yearbook is in need of candid photos that will be used for cutouts on our class section pages (see attached photo for example). Please submit them via the attached google form. Photos should be of just one person. The form will close 12-3-2021 at noon.

Submit Your Candid Photos


Lunch Buddies

We are looking for students interested in becoming lunch buddies. This means you are interested in spending some of your time becoming friends with our special needs students during their lunch. If you signed up to become a lunch buddy, check your email for a time for an interview in CTE 4. We will only be asking a few short questions and will be letting you know where to go during C lunch.

Apply to be a lunch buddy.

Dog Squad & ICU Update

Greetings wonderful MVHS staff,

This is your friendly Dog Squad with a weekly update.  First update, we are ICU no more!  We have listened to your feedback on ICU, both the data management system and the name, and we heard you, so ICU is gone.  We are pleased to introduce Mt. Vernon Bulldog Care Squad or the Dog Squad for short!

Second update, in effort to build routine and be transparent here are the current programs under the Dog Squad and umbrella and a little bit about each: